>Happy Mother’s Day

>I did not keep to my promise of posting a blog each night of our vacation and for that I do apologize to anyone that was reading.  I found that, as we traveled, most nights I barely had the energy to upload some pictures to Facebook.  But the trip was so amazing, we are already talking about plans for another which would probably be next year.

So it’s Mother’s Day.  I logged into Facebook this morning and saw all the Moms wishing each other a Happy Mother’s Day on their walls and all of the status messages wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  It made me wonder if anyone ever acknowledges the other women who, through a twist of fate, failing of the body, or other reasons, have no children but who still have maternal feelings and put them to work for others.  Please do not misunderstand, I fully recognize the job that it is to raise children.  They are difficult and a responsibility like no other.  You are responsible not just for feeding and clothing them but for teaching them everything from right and wrong to good manners, keeping them safe, and a myriad of other time consuming and exhausting tasks.  For that reason, I do appreciate your status and heartily wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.  But there are other “mothers” in some of our lives.  Some of those people may have been motherly to us without our even asking but in the times where we may not have even known we needed that.  Regardless of the precise actions of these people and their actual relationship to you, they feel that maternal emotion and they act to protect, help, guide, and more.  To those ladies as well, I say Happy Mother’s Day.