Road Trip 2011 Itinerary

I am so excited for the start of our second annual road trip!  We have our first hotels booked through, the boarding of the dogs is arranged for, and our trip shopping has been completed.  With just a couple of days left before we head out, we are finishing up the final preparations.  A lot of people are asking me where we are headed so here it is, the rough itinerary.  Of course, I’ll post from the road with all the things we see and the best pictures will make it to my Facebook page as well for my friends to see.

The best part about planning for a road trip, is all the fun roadside attractions that we will see.  The best source we have found for those is Roadside America.  Travelers contribute images and comments about the various sites that they find so the things to see is always growing.  Even in your local area, you may find some strange, unusual, or interesting things to see.  The other resource we have used this year is Google Maps.  When you find your location, you can type Tourist Attractions in the search box and it will show pins on the map for attractions.  We found a lot of great things that way too.  Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of time so we cannot see everything that we want to see but we will be able to see a lot.  Of course, the itinerary below may change as we go as well depending on a number of factors but this is the plan so far.  The most exciting part is seeing more of our country!

The Itinerary

Day One: to Troy, IL.

Day Two: to Springfield, MO & Branson, MO.

Day Three: to Oklahoma City, OK.

Day Four & Five: to Houston, TX and Galveston, TX.

Day Six: to Baton Rouge, LA & Jackson, MS.

Day Seven: to Memphis, TN.

Day Eight: to Mount Vernon, IL

Day Nine: Heading home.

Watch for the details as we go!