Road Trip 2011 Day 4

The rest of our drive through Oklahoma was not bad at all.  We even found a wonderful view along the highway.  Unfortunately I am having difficulty with the internet connectivity in our hotel here in Texas so I will have to upload pictures later on.  Luckily I have an app for WordPress on my Droid.

After crossing the border into Texas, the terrain changed again to gently rolling land with many open spaces and trees.  The roads are much more congested all of a sudden and less distance between towns.   The billboards returned as well although not very densely, at least not until we got closer to Dallas.  Specifically,  we noticed occasional advertising for someplace called Buc-ees that showed a cartoonish beaver and information such as that they have homemade fudge or 49 toilets.  After all of these signs we were terribly curious about the place.  We went through Dallas and onward and still just the occasional signs.  Finally we found the place.  Oddly, it turns out that it appears to be merely a very large gas station with what appears to be more than 20 pumps and cars lined up for them.  The place was huge.  But we could not figure out the attraction.  Anyone with thoughts on this, please feel free to comment below.

The highlight of the day was finally making it to Houston and seeing my friend Corey.  We had a great visit.  My only regret is how short it was.

Now we are relaxing at the hotel and in the morning we are visiting the space center and Galveston.  It should be an interesting day.