Road Trip 2011 Day 5 – Johnson Space Center

The Johnson Space Center was so much more than I expected.  We definitely got our money’s worth on the tickets (which we had for half price from their website).  They opened an hour earlier than normal, at 9 am and we were there before 9:30.  We had our choice of parking (they do charge for parking) and there was no waiting to get in. Every staff member was amazing.  I have never experienced that level of customer service or so many people who truly love what they do.  They were friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

Thanks to the ticket taker, we started with a tram ride that took us among the many buildings of the space center and stopped 3 times for the mission control (we only saw the old one but we were in the same building), the building with mock-ups of the ISS modules, and the Rocket Park (an amazing look at an Apollo (Saturn V) rocket).  Then there were the main exhibits, shows, a movie, and the Starship Gallery.  I was enchanted and in awe the entire time.

To me, astronauts are some of our true heroes and today we got to experience a small piece of all they have done.  It was an unparalleled experience.