Road Trip 2011 Day 6

I have a stronger internet connection tonight than I did yesterday.  It is slower than I am used to but that is to be expected from a motel’s free connection.  It is steady though.

So yesterday, we saw the Space Center.  No doubt you saw that post below.  We also saw Galveston, TX yesterday.  In case you don’t know, Galveston island is just off the coast of Texas and is reached by a bridge that, I am guessing, is over a mile long.  So, not the longest bridge ever but pretty long.  The weather, sadly, turned very windy and overcast so we decided to skip the boat tour since we could see the water churning from the road.  We did try to go down to the beach but the public beach could only be reached if you were willing to pay money to enter.  I thought that was slightly annoying but we still drove around the town a bit to see some of it.  The other thing we had planned to see was the submarine that is parked at the east end of the island off Pelican Island.  This too would cost us so we decided to simply view it from afar and save the $12 since we had just planned to picnic within view of it anyway.  Instead, we found a spot with an okay view where we could park and eat our lunch before heading back to our hotel in League City (which is about half-way between Houston and Galveston).  But, I am still glad we drove down there.  The town is interesting with some older buildings, interesting statues and monuments, palm tree lined roads, and a great view of the ocean.

The hotel in League City was not the most comfortable and I slept horribly.  When I woke at 4 AM and could no longer sleep (and woke Steve up in the process) we decided to head out early.  It turned out this wasn’t the best idea since it was still very dark and we are not at all familiar with the area.  Still, we managed to get out of Texas and across into Louisiana.  The change was apparent quite shortly after crossing over.  The land was very open and there was a great deal less traffic.  Heading east and north for Baton Rouge then north towards Mississippi, we drove over long bridges (I have no idea how long because they seemed to go on forever) over swampland and later down roads lined with trees so thick, it was impossible to see the opposite lanes of traffic.  It was a mostly pleasant drive but it was a long one.  We did get some pictures in Baton Rouge and made good time to Jackson, MS which is where we are now at the hotel.  Now, this hotel might be the worst so far.  We are on the 3rd floor instead of ground, the elevator is a bit scary, the configuration of the room is bizarre (the sink faces the desk and bed instead of the bathroom), and the staff is a bit creepy.  But we are here just one night then continuing northward.  We may spend a little time exploring here in MS before heading to Memphis, TN and beyond.  Until tomorrow…


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  1. Glad to hear that things are going well for the most part on your trip, and I hope your luck continues. Hopefully TN won’t be too hard for you to get around in, as I understand they took some severe damage from the recent tornadoes.

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