Road Trip 2011 Final Day

The road trip has officially ended.  The last motel room was smaller than some of the others but it was plenty comfortable and the front desk employee was very pleasant.  She was there when we checked in last night and when we checked out this morning.  She is the only one, during the entire trip, that asked how our stay was.  They will get high ratings all across on from us.  We arrived home much earlier than planned but I am happy to be home.  The dogs were incredibly happy to see us and come home as well.  The drive from Carbondale was relatively uneventful.  We had the added bonus of finding a gaming store (as in Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, etc.) in Carbondale.  They actually had a commercial running on cable which is how we found out about them.  The store is called Castle Perilous Games and they have an amazing amount of old game materials, board games, and the like as well as the newer stuff.  It’s a good sized game store and we loved the layout.  It’s comfy and very gamer appealing.  I miss having a game store around to hang out at.  In any case, we won’t find ourselves there often but it is well worth noting.  I believe they also do mail order.  The house is fine, I don’t see any water below.  Everything powered up and the heat is warming the house fairly rapidly.  I am just very happy to be home.