Happy Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day approaching (and now here) and so many people posting pictures of themselves with their moms and looking at my own pictures, I wax a little nostalgic for childhood.  You know, those carefree days when you only had to worry about doing your homework and cleaning your room and gas prices meant nothing to you.  I remember complaining about being a kid and Mom saying that we would miss it when we were grown.  Mom was right.  I’m forever grateful to my mom for everything that she did for us.  She sacrificed her sanity and her personal life to raise four girls.  It’s so much more than just changing diapers and wiping runny noses.  She gave up many things for herself to see that we were fed and clothed as well as having a nice place to live.  When I was very small she placed me on the path to reading and she gave me my love for all things fantasy and sci-fi.  She was there for me when I would come home from school and listen to all the boring details of my day.  When I was in high school and had surgery she was more worried for me than I was.  I cannot remember her ever telling me that I could not do something.  For example, when I wanted to play the flute, she supported me.  When I said I wanted to make my hair platinum blond like my Barbie doll, she said that would be fine, when I was older (although I’m sure she thought I was daft).  I really can’t think of a time where she didn’t support me in those formative years.  So, to Mom for all the sacrifices, the love, and just plain being there while I was growing up, thank you.  I love you and Happy Mother’s Day.