Acorna Finished and Free Books

I finished reading Acorna by Anne McCaffrey last week.  It was an easy one to finish quickly because I didn’t want to put it down.  It’s the story of a little alien girl orphaned in space an  found by three bachelor miners.  The book follows her growing up and eventually finding her calling on a planet where children are used as slave labor.  The unicorn girl has some special gifts that make her unique among the  humans.  She looks at the world in a very different way from others which captures the hearts of her friends and the reader.  I would recommend this for any fans of Anne as well as Sci-Fi/fantasy fans.  It’s a space-age story but the unicorn girl brings some fantasy aspects so that it will appeal to fantasy readers too.  The book is still just $0.99 on for Kindle but beware because you may just love it so much that you’ll want the rest of the series.

Speaking of books, there’s a group of independent authors that promote their work through free giveaways.  The site is and they have a promo that’s just today and tomorrow.  I have downloaded a lot of books from these authors and read a few.  I definitely recommend taking a look.  The genres and titles vary from on  event to the next.  If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll never miss a chance for some great free books.

Well, that must be all for now but stop by again sometime!