A Lazy Sunday

Although I originally had planned to be working overtime today, I decided to have the day off.  So I find myself in front of the computer.  I realize it’s been too long since my last post so here I sit writing.

I recently finished reading Paladins of Shannara: The Weapons Master’s Choice by Terry Brooks.  It’s a short story in the world of Shannara but it stands well on its own.  Even if you aren’t at all familiar with the setting you could read this story and enjoy it without feeling lost.  The characters have great depth of history and emotion so that I felt I wanted to know more about them from the beginning.  I was not disappointed in this purchase.  It reminds my why I really enjoy Terry Brooks.  He’s an amazing storyteller.  So, fans of high fantasy and adventure as well as Terry Brooks fans should really enjoy this.  I recommend it as a quick read with a great price point at just $0.99 on Amazon.com for Kindle.

A friend and coworker recently brought a number of books to work with the intention of giving away as many as possible.  He knows I’m a big fan of fantasy novels.  We actually share many of the same interests when it comes to reading.  I don’t think I have to tell you that I came away with a number of new books to amuse me for quite some time.  The largest challenge is where to put them.  With so many physical books, I’ve set aside my Kindle reading for the  moment to enjoy these new finds which include authors I haven’t read before.

I’ve started with a trilogy of books called The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan.  The first book is The Magicians’ Guild.  I’m on page 106 of the 365 page paperback.  So far I’m enchanted with the characters.  The main character is Sonea, a girl who has just discovered magical talents but in her world magic is controlled by this Magicians’ Guild.  It’s great so far but I’ll definitely report back when I’ve finished.  I’m glad it’s a trilogy because I’ve become very involved in her story.

Other than reading, I’ve also been trying to keep up on my World of Warcraft.  I’m mainly Horde with my main being a Blood Elf Rogue named Darkesta on the Argent Dawn server.  With the content patches coming pretty quickly, there’s a lot to do.  I’ve been working quite a lot of overtime so there isn’t much time for it but I manage to play at least once a week.  I’m feeling very behind on gaining reputation with all of the new factions but I’ll get there eventually and I’m having fun doing it!

My husband recently convinced me to download and install Champions Online.  The game is Free to Play and it’s attractive to us as a completely different genre from WoW.  It’s a super hero game similar to what City of Heroes used to be although the graphics really feel more like the drawn pages of a comic book.  I haven’t played yet but my account is now active so I’ll test that out soon.

Of course I was out playing Dungeons & Dragons last night.  It’s pencil & paper, not a video game although we do keep our character sheets on laptops these days.  It’s my favorite part of the week because I have the pleasure of spending relaxing time with friends and take the role of someone else for the night.  Last night I was my ranger/rogue Aventi, Princess Seranna of Aventurnus.  She had a rough session of receiving bad news about her people.  We’ll see how that plays out.  Hubby is the GM (game master) next week.  We have three rotating GMs, one of which is me.  Maybe I’ll tell you more about our games next time.

I’m off to play some WoW.  Come see me in there sometime!