Taxes, Tuna, and Time

Good morning!  I hope everyone is well this morning.  It’s a cold April morning and I just turned up the heat to 60 degrees.  We’re trying to keep the gas bill down now that spring has arrived but the threat of snow flurries is making that difficult!  I’m trying out a more organized format for my blog posts.  There’s a lot I want to share so I’m tossing around the idea of one long weekly post or several shorter posts throughout the week.  If I do the shorter ones, I’ll probably write them all up on the weekend and schedule them to post on specific days.  What are your thoughts?  Please comment on this post or on the link in my Facebook page.  You can also find me on Twitter @Wntrlily.  For now, I’m going with the shorter posts.  I’ll shoot for one about books and one about games.  I’m thinking of some sort of product review for one and maybe even a recipe here and there.  All with my ramblings throughout!

There’s been a lot happening since my last post.  It’s tax season so I finally managed to get my taxes done.  We have an amazing tax prepared at Jackson Hewitt here in Sycamore on Route 64.  We’ve been using Jackson Hewitt since 2004 but we’ve been working with Gina since we moved here about three years ago.  She’s very pleasant to deal with and she remembers us by name although she only sees us once a year.  Incredible.  The cost is worth it because she takes the worry out of tax time.  Taxes stress me out and I like the peace of mind she provides.  So, if you still need taxes done, visit her and please tell her I sent you.  🙂

I finished reading The Magicians’ Guild by Trudi Canavan.  Also, a friend loaned me Elantris by Brandon Sanderson for my Kindle so I devoured it in the 14 day loan period.  I’m now reading The Novice, book two of Trudi Canavan’s trilogy.  I’ll fill you in on more book details in another post.

There’s been overtime available and a lot of things to do but I’ve managed some time in World of Warcraft.  I won’t go into too much detail in this post on that.  I have also discovered a great app on my phone called Podcast Addict.  There are some great WoW podcasts and I’m also listening to podcasts from

So that covered taxes and time.  You might still be wondering about the tuna bit.  Well, I like tuna quite a lot.  It’s one of the things I grew up with that you didn’t have all the time so it was a nice break in the routine to have it for lunch to take to school.  I still prefer my tuna just with Miracle Whip or mayo but instead of bread I tend to put it on crackers.  Anyway, I love a good sale so when Bumblebee Tuna went on sale for an insanely low price I bought four cans.  Now you may squirm when I mention canned tuna but I still like the stuff.  The point of this story, which you might be wondering about, is that I will never again purchase Bumblebee Tuna no matter if it is free.  If you eat canned tuna, you know it’s labeled “chunk light tuna.”  There was no chunk to this tuna.  It was like shredded tuna soaked in water and nearly impossible to drain.  Even once I did drain off most of the water, the smell and taste was a bit unpleasant as well.  I’m going back to Jewel’s store brand of canned tuna.  End of story.

Next weekend I want to share with you my hobby of painting fantasy miniatures.  I’m not a pro by any means but it’s fun.  I’ll snap a pic of my last finished mini and post for you.

Watch for midweek posts this week.  I’ll finish my reviews of the books and share my gaming exploits.  I’m trying to get into some betas and try out some new games.  I can include mobile stuff too.  Maybe just make it a tech post.  It’s Dungeons and Dragons night and I’m going to get in some WoW before the game.  Post your comments below this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  Also, if you feel so inclined please follow my blog.

Until later, be safe, hug someone you love, and don’t forget to laugh!  🙂