Book Post: Magicians & a Fallen City

I have a couple of book reviews for you this morning.  I planned to set this up last night but ended up working a bit late to assist a customer.  I don’t want to disappoint though so here I am finishing this morning.

I finished reading The Magicians’ Guild by Trudi Canavan.  I definitely recommend this to fantasy fans.  I’ve moved on to book two in the trilogy, The Novice.  So far I’m equally pleased and looking forward to seeing what is in Sonea’s future.  In book one we followed her discovery of her magic and the consequences.  She’s a girl of about 16 from the slums in a world where magicians only come from noble houses.  The magicians are feared and even hated by the slum dwellers so she’s very distrustful of them.  There’s danger in uncontrolled magic though.  The trilogy is written in a very traditional third person point of view from the perspectives of multiple characters.  The characters have well developed personalities and there’s plenty to dislike about the antagonist. Her descriptions of locations are detailed but not so much that you have to wait long for the action.  Maps in the front help with the layout of the magicians’ guild.  I absolutely love seeing a map when I start a book.  If you have some time I would give it a try.

A friend loaned me Elantris by Brandon Sanderson for my Kindle.  It was my introduction to him as an author as well and I have to say I’m impressed.  It’s a single novel and takes place in a fantasy world where a great city of powerful beings has protected and provided for the people of the kingdom.  The city of Elantris has fallen though and the people have had to learn to make do for themselves.  Princess Sarene comes to the city of Kae to marry the prince only to find he has died leaving her a widow without a wedding.  Politics is somewhat complicated with the new monarchy and she quickly finds plenty to do.  Sarene is a strong outspoken woman and I loved her.  The arrival of a high priest of sorts from the rival country’s religion really shakes things up.  I really got into this book and had no trouble finishing it in the 14-day loan period because I didn’t want to put it down.  There are characters to love and hate here.  I was happy, sad, and angry as I read.  I love getting emotional when I read!  It’s a sign of a really good story.  It follows Sarene and the prince, Raoden.  This one is also in third person which felt right for the story.  I really loved this one.  If you want to read something new, I’d say pick this one up for sure.  Don’t miss this book!  (Special thanks to my friend for loaning it to me!)

It’s time to get ready for work.  Gonna watch The Voice on my DVR while I eat breakfast.  Have a great Tuesday and don’t forget to tell someone you love them.