Water, Heat, and Birthdays!

When I wrote my Thursday post, it was actually Wednesday night so it sounded a lot more cheerful than I was really feeling on Thursday morning.  You see we woke up to over a foot of water in the basement due to the heavy rain that fell all night.  Our house does not have a sump pump so we scurried about for a bit gathering the little water pump from the closet, the hose from the shed, and extension cords.  I ran about in the rain arranging the hose to take the water down toward the street and got the pump started.  After about two hours with no progress and the rain still falling, I was concerned our little pump wouldn’t keep up.  I was off to the Farm and Fleet and I found that my neighborhood was full of such problems as they were running out of pumps and didn’t have the sort I needed.  But I stocked up on bleach and cleaning supplies so it wasn’t a wasted trip.  I’m happy to say that the rain did stop and the basement did drain.  I’m grateful for options provided by my workplace because I was able to miss the day of work without penalty.

Then yesterday the temperature dropped significantly.  It was so cold we wanted to turn the heat back on.  First the pilot had to be lit again.  My husband lit the water heater pilot the day before.  The furnace then made heat but there was no air blowing!  It was freezing in here.  The customer service rep at American Home Shield was so nice.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of these issues because the local provider was swamped and wouldn’t be able to come until Saturday!  So we piled more blankets on the bed and put on more clothes.  I decided to go shopping (stores have heat) and just then I heard a loud noise (like a reactor powering up) and realized my furnace was blowing heat!  I was so happy running around checking registers to be sure but there it was, hot air.   Hooray!

I am frustrated and upset with the mess and trouble caused by the rain but I am grateful too.  I’ve seen pictures on the news and online of so many homes that had far worse damage.  There was a house that had been struck by lightning and half of the roof burned away.  There were basement bedrooms and living rooms flooded.  And there were homes evacuated for the flooding and I’m sure they’ve lost so much.  I can’t imagine what those folks are going through.  We’re actually very lucky.

In all the chaos of Thursday I failed to wish a happy birthday to our second fur kid, Geisha.  She’s a crazy chow chow whose intelligence we question but I love her all the same.  Happy fourth birthday to her.

Geisha and big sister Willow
Geisha and big sister Willow

I would be remiss if I didn’t wish a happy birthday to my sister (sister number three out of the four of us).  Her birthday present will be late but it’s because I procrastinated.  My apologies to her and I hope she loves it when I finally do get it to her!

It’s Saturday so that means Dungeons & Dragons and I’m off soon to do some miniature painting.  I know I promised a picture but my shaky hands didn’t produce a good one so I will try again.  I played some Age of Wushu last night with a friend and his son.  I’m starting to understand it better and I’m confident I can provide a full review very soon.  Keep watching for that on a Thursday post.  In television land I’ve been happy with the return of Game of Thrones on HBO and just started watching the new sci-fi show Defiance on the SyFy channel.  Defiance looks promising if predictable.  It was accompanied by a video game release but, as a shooter, it isn’t something I’m personally interested in.  Feel free to comment if you’ve played it but it’s one that I won’t be involved in myself.

In the wake of recent events, I just want to finish by saying that I am thankful for so much.  I have my family, close friends that I can count on when things get hard, a job that I’ve been in for ten years now with great benefits, a house that I can afford due to that job, and so much more.  I take many of these things for granted most days.  If you’ve stayed with me this far, thank you.  I’m thankful for everyone that reads my ramblings!  What are you thankful for?  Feel free to comment if you feel inclined to share.  Have a wonderful day.  I truly mean that.