A Rambling Saturday Post

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon her and I’m so pleased with how I’ve spent the day so far.  Although our weekly Dungeons & Dragons game has been canceled, there is much to be happy for.  My sisters all came out to visit my mom and I got to visit with them as well as my nephews and baby niece.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas and, at five months old she’s even more enchanting now.  I took many pictures and a few videos.  It was just a fun time playing with her and chatting with my sisters and nephews.  I’m quite pleased that my older nephew and I have video gaming in common.

My pleasant morning is the reason for the lateness of this post.  But, I’m sure you’ll agree that the time with my family was priceless and worth the delay.  Now that my night is free we’re planning to grab some dinner later and come back for some video games tonight.  It’ll most likely be World of Warcraft where I’m leveling my first warlock.  So far I’m having a lot of fun with it.

The decision of what to have for dinner tonight isn’t decided yet but last week we decided to try out KFC’s new boneless chicken.  I must say that it was good.  I love the flavor of the breading but I always pull off the skin and lose most of that.  It isn’t a problem with the new boneless pieces because it’s already skinless.  It’s also much less greasy than bone-in chicken.  The pieces were a decent size and I felt it was worth the up charge.  We don’t have KFC often but I hope this menu item stays around.

A new Family Dollar store opened very near to my house.  We decided to check it out yesterday because we love Dollar General and Dollar Tree.  I was hoping for a similar experience closer to home.  I was very disappointed.  Although they do have many items under their own brand which are very inexpensive, they are carrying a large number of name brand products at normal prices.  In many cases, such as the soda, the items are actually more than I would spend at a larger grocery store like Jewel because of the sales offered at those stores.  So, if I need something quick and I can get it in their brand, it’s close enough that I might go there but I don’t see that happening often.  I’m more likely to head out to Dollar General or Jewel.

After the first couple of episodes of Defiance on SyFy, we’ve decided to continue watching it.  It’s officially been added to our weekly rotation of television shows.  The timing is after a war between humans and seven alien races that arrived on earth hoping to colonize it.  During this war, most of the aliens were still in hypersleep in there orbiting ships.  When those ships suddenly exploded, the ones that crashed to the earth released uncontrolled terraforming which changed the landscape drastically.  The show actually takes place in the ruins of St. Louis, MO where a community comprised of humans and aliens are living.  There are conflicts between the various races as each has their own traditions and beliefs.  Science Fiction fans may enjoy this as it has a fair amount of alien technology, strange races and creatures, and even some combat.

I’m looking forward to more warm weather so we can take advantage of the drive-in movie theaters.  There are two that are close enough to go to and one, Cascade Drive In in West Chicago, IL, is already open.  We didn’t make it this weekend but there’s a whole summer ahead of us and they open early in the spring and stay open as late as they can.  It’s a great value and so much fun.  We take the dogs so they aren’t stuck at home and there’s a lot of nostalgia in going to the drive-in.  They have digital projectors and a huge screen.  Check them out if you’re in the area.

Well, that about does it for today.  You never know when I might post randomly.  You can subscribe via email by entering your email address at the top of the column on the right.  Members of WordPress can also click the button at the top.  Have a lovely weekend!