What a Weekend!

I apologize for the tardiness of my post.  I intended to post yesterday, as usual, however events distracted me.  Since Friday was the start of my time off, we had decided to catch Iron Man 3 at the drive-in movie theater.  We’re lucky to have a great drive-in theater and I’ve waited all winter for the chance to go.  We packed the dogs in the car and headed off.  Having a gift card for Chili’s (one of my favorite restaurants) we got take out and stopped at 7-Eleven for snacks and soda.  Bringing our own food is one of the best parts about the drive-in.  People watching is a close second!

Dinner was almost entirely covered by the gift card and we had a free pass for the movies so that was free too.  What luck!  Iron Man 3 was really good.  I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t gone yet but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  I was disappointed with dinner however.  My favorite thing from Chili’s has always been the chicken crispers.  It seems that they have changed the product recently though and I think that will be my last time ordering them.  They were half the size and just not the same quality.  But the price certainly hasn’t changed.  I’m sad and perplexed.  Being a person who likes to write, I’m sending an email to them to see what they say.  If I get a response I will definitely share it with you.

We decided to leave after the first movie (the second was Scary Movie 5) to head home and meet up with a friend for some online gaming.  About two thirds of the way home, my dash board display says the tire pressure is low in the right front tire.  It was dropping quickly so we pulled over and pumped some fix-a-flat into the tire.  The pressure went up a tiny bit and then started dropping again.  We made it to the parking lot of a little bar that has nothing else around it and called roadside assistance.  They didn’t take as long as I expected and the guys from Walter’s Towing were great!  Tire changed, we made it home but it was far later than expected.  No gaming for us.

First thing in the morning Hubby made an appointment with NTB to replace the tire.  When I attempted to leave to head over there the car didn’t start.  Dead battery.  Just my luck, right?  Another call to roadside assistance and we were on our way after about an hour.  The guys at NTB replaced the tire and the battery.  Two more tires need to be replaced and all four will match again.  I’m just waiting for them to get the tires in stock.  In the mean time I’m really hoping that the other two tires hold out until then.  On the bright side, I like the guys at NTB.  They’re pretty quick usually and general very pleasant to deal with.  Much more so than the dealership has been.

At least our Saturday night Dungeons & Dragons game went very well.  It was my night to run.  We didn’t leave until 4 a.m.  And it was because everyone was so into the game.  I’m so happy everyone seemed to be having so much fun.  For those who might be wondering, we’re using 3.5 rules.  We never converted to fourth edition and we never will.  I haven’t read into D&D Next yet but we’ll see.  I’m not too excited about buying all of the books again.  We like our 3.5 and we’re likely to stick with it.

As for today, I played some World of Warcraft and finally got my password reset for Perfect World.  So I was able to log into Neverwinter Nights and roll a character.  I’m slightly annoyed that I somehow failed to capitalize my character’s first name.  It’s driving me a little crazy but I don’t want to start over or purchase a name change.  That would be truly silly.  The game is in open beta meaning anyone can play now.  It seems promising but the controls are a lot different than what I’m used to.  It’s more similar to DC Universe than World of Warcraft in the way you control your character and interact with the world.  I’m giving it a fair chance though.

I have also decided to adjust the frequency that I post.  I’ll continue to post on Saturdays (life permitting) with additional posts for reviews and that sort of thing when appropriate.  Three posts a week was very ambitious given my time constraints and I want the goal to be realistic.  If you haven’t already, please follow via email at the top left or by clicking Follow at the top if you’re a WordPress member.  I appreciate it!

I’m off to have some dinner and the new Game of Thrones is tonight too.   I can’t wait.  Have a lovely night!


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