As I Awaken to the Sound of Birds

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.  Mine started  yesterday with a day filled with nothing of great importance.  After my four ten hour days of talking to customers I decided to just relax with some reading and video games.

Some time earlier this week some new baby birds hatched.  Their parents have chosen our window as their home.  You see I have a house that is somewhere around 100 years old and we don’t have central air.  We rely on a window air conditioner in the upstairs window to keep us cool.  Since our upstairs is directly under the roof with little to separate our bedroom from the heat of the sun, it gets very hot up here sometimes.  Add in the heat that rises from below and any use of the stove or oven and it can be unbearable.  In any case, there’s a space under the bottom of the air conditioner that’s a little lower than the sill.  The birds fancy this a lovely home and we have repeatedly removed their nesting material.  Apparently they didn’t get the message that they were evicted and laid their eggs anyway.  We failed to notice and now there are babies.  We haven’t the heart to cause them harm so each morning and all day we are now treated to their piercing cries for mama.  They quiet a bit now and then and are silent when the sun sets.  The voice of their returning parent(s) is not as sharp as the babies.  They are noisy though.  We can hear them all through the house even over the television.  Oh well. They’re here until they fly.  But oh the mess that they’ll leave behind.

In the World of Warcraft I’m definitely Horde but I’m an achievement fanatic and like to see both sides of the story.  I have some Alliance characters and recently started a new paladin Alliance side.  I’m now seeing first hand the trouble that Cross Realm Zones has caused for lower level characters.  Still, I enjoy starting new characters and I’m having fun with her.  Leveling is very fast with access to our little guild.  Hubby and I also have a pair of characters on each side that we’re leveling together.  We even managed to get in some Neverwinter Nights Online last night with our friend and his son.  Good times.

Back on May 5 I related an experience with the food from Chili’s.  I failed to see their reply until today when I did a thorough cleaning of my emails.  I missed it originally because the “from” address wasn’t what I was expecting.  The response is clearly canned.  I’ll paste it below.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contacting us regarding your recent To Go experience at our restaurant.  We appreciate and value the feedback that we get from our Guests anytime we fall short of our goal.  This is how we improve.  Please accept my sincere apologies for the problems you had with your carry out order.    I have discussed this matter with the management team to ensure that the appropriate action is taken, and that this issue will be addressed and corrected.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you ,” 

It’s signed by the general manager.  It is a response although it’s not a very good response.  Having worked on replying to customer emails myself I have a higher expectation from replies.  But, since I received some sort of response they’ll get another chance.  It’ll be a while since we’re strapped for cash at the moment but I haven’t written them off yet.

Finally, I’m so excited that I got my invitation to the Dragon’s Prophet closed beta.  It’s so much fun to get in at the beginning of something that looks so promising.  I won’t be able to share anything until they open it up but for now, I leave you with their website.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Call someone you love to tell them you’re thinking of them.   Or visit them if you can.  Don’t leave it for tomorrow.