Father’s Day

I miss my dad.  It’s been a long time now since we had to say goodbye.  I choose not to count how many years it has been because what matters is not how long we’ve been without him but the memories of when he was with us.  I always miss him but it’s days like these that are the hardest.  My father worked hard most of my life. He made sacrifices as my mother did.  I love the stories about when I was a baby and the picture of my big stuffed donkey.  I still have her.  But I don’t have my dad.  Just memories, pictures, and a few objects.  I remember watching him shave when we were little girls and waving out the front window when he would leave for work.  I remember WGN on the radio, Cubs baseball on the TV, and Godzilla movies too.  He taught me to drive.  That was a brave thing!  My dad was great with cars.  When we’re young, it seems that our parents will just always be there.  And, in some ways, that is true.  He’s always with me.  But there are days where I just wish I could talk with him one more time… I love you Daddy.