Book Review: When the Walls Fell (Out of Time 2) by Monique Martin

Happy weekend everyone!  I would first like to apologize for my silence over the last few weeks.  I don’t really have a good excuse for failing to blog except that each time I thought about sitting down to write something else came up.  But I’m definitely still here!

I finished this amazing book last night and I just had to share it with you.  I was lucky enough to get the first and second volumes of the Out of Time series by Monique Martin for free on my Kindle.  I love it when authors give you a free taste but I’m so hooked on this one.  I’ve added the remaining books in this series to my wishlist on Amazon so I can remember to buy them.

I do recommend starting with the first book of course.  It’s titled Out of Time: A Paranormal Romance and, as of today, it remains free for Kindle at  If you don’t have a Kindle, there are free reading apps for various devices and the PC.  I’ve used the app on my Android phone and a netbook.  I was pleased with both.  If you have a smartphone, look for the application in the application store of your device.  You can also find details about the free reading apps by clicking here.

The stories are definitely romantic but they are a sweet romance, not an erotic one.  The romance blends well with the action and suspense.  I love the main character, Elizabeth West.  She’s spunky and takes control, definitely not a damsel in distress.  She takes action!  Her counterpart, Simon Cross, is a professor who has no intention of falling in love.  But, since we already know this is a romance, I’m not giving anything away by saying that he’s taken quite by surprise.  The relationship between the two is realistic and endearing.  I found myself hoping the best for them every step of the way and worrying about them constantly.  When I’m worrying about the characters, I know that I’ve found a good writer!

Monique Martin has also done an amazing job with the backdrops for the stories.  In the first book, Simon and Elizabeth time travel back to 1920s Manhattan where they explore some of the city and meet several very interesting people.  In When the Walls Fell, they time travel again but this time to 1906 and San Francisco, CA.  We’re introduced to several new characters who help to show us what life was like in 1906 on the west coast.  Once again, I really enjoyed her descriptions of the city and the people.  I truly felt transported with Elizabeth and Simon.  Unlike the first book where their journey was accidental, it’s planned in the second.  They travel back to try to prevent a murder that will change their own timeline.  While they are working to solve a murder that hasn’t happened yet, they are also feeling the pressure of the big earthquake that is soon to shake apart the city.

I think you already know that I consider these well worth buying.  You’ll have stories of time travel, adventure, action, suspense, and romance.  I do feel that many men as well as women will enjoy these books.  Give the first one a try and see what you think!  I’m betting you buy book two.