Small House… Lots of Stuff

Those who know me already know that I like to keep things.  My challenge is what to do with all of those things in my little house.  We have just one bedroom, one bathroom, and two actual closets (one in the bathroom & one in the bedroom).  So the stuff we collect isn’t the only challenge.  The stuff we need to have is equally challenging.  After seven years we still have clutter and boxes stacked in corners.  It’s been making me crazy and I’m done with it.  The other big challenge is money.  Who has an overabundance of that these days?  Not your average homeowner!  So I’ve been collecting some ideas on my Pinterest page (I created the account specifically for this) and I’ve found some pretty interesting ideas.  Even hubby is getting in on it with keeping his eyes open for useful items in the store ads.

There are some really inexpensive things that can be used to get things organized.  I acquired a shoe organizer and a rolling cart with three drawers today at Aldi.  For $2.99 and $19.99 respectively, it felt like a good deal.  The shoe organizer won’t be holding shoes though.  It’s going to hang on the back of the bathroom closet door and hold bottles, tubes, and anything else that fits.  Hmm… washcloths might fit nicely as well as first aid stuff.  The cart is going in the closet too.  I like that it’s on wheels so I can pull it out if needed but it’s pretty much going to stay in there.  I hope they still have these items when I shop again in two weeks because I’ll get another of each.  This place will get organized slowly but surely.

As I progress through my projects, I think I’ll take some before and after pictures.  It would be a good record of the changes and I’ll share the ones that I really like.

As for the rest of  my week, typical work days and today I was able to relax a bit.  Got in some World of Warcraft.  I was happy to accomplish a couple of goals with my main which included two successful PvP matches.  Yay!  I’ve been reading a book called I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell.  I wanted to read something light and entertaining.  Yes, it’s a romance novel.  I am rather enjoying it though.  It’s the story of a genie who was locked up in her bottle as punishment for not obeying her master.  She suddenly freed and finds herself in her dream man’s arms.  But it couldn’t be so simple and she has to fight to keep her freedom.  It’s sexy and whimsical with some humorous moments that had me laughing out loud a bit.  It’s been exactly what I needed to relieve some stress.  I’ve also read Catch of a Lifetime by the same author which is the story of a mermaid.  With both books, I allowed myself to just enjoy the story for what it is with no expectations.

Next week we have an event that will be taking up much of my time.  I won’t have much time to breathe but I’ll try to sit down and tap out something.  I don’t like the feeling of missing a weekly post!  As you can tell, my posts are happening on inconsistent days.  Since I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from work I’ll most likely post on one of these days each week depending on how my other obligations are working out.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay cool!


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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. For good ideas on storage in small places check out RV info. I’ll send you a link I like.

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