The last few days have been full of stress, sorrow, and even joy.  I had at first intended to write a blog post yesterday but I struggled to begin so I left it for later.  I find that I’m now able to write about this week.

Wednesday afternoon while I was at work I received a very difficult call from my husband.  His father had passed away in his sleep sometime during the night.  Although he hadn’t been well this came as a shock to everyone and I rushed home as quickly as possible after telling my boss what had happened.  The days since have been filled with grief and stress as decisions had to be made and emotions ran high.  Although the decision was made to have a celebration of life at the home of a family member, there was still a lot of details.

Friday evening I went ahead with attending a barbecue at one of my sister’s homes.  I felt the need to see my mother and sisters and the kids.  It was good to spend time with them including the joy of seeing my baby niece who is also my goddaughter.  Her smile when she saw me was enough to refocus me.  There’s just something so amazing about it.

Tonight was the celebration of life for my father-in-law.  I was truly honored to be chosen to work with the photos to make a couple of posters and I made a DVD of photos to play on the television.  I’m happy that everyone was so pleased with the outcome.  I’m glad I could contribute even this small thing to honor the life of someone that is remembered fondly by so many people.  I didn’t know him very well or truly for very long but he was always kind to me.  As I looked through the pictures to scan them and arrange them for the DVD I was struck with one thing, his smile.  He was always smiling.  It was an honor to be part of this gathering to celebrate his life and to talk of memories of him.  I’ve heard so many great stories over the last few days.  I know he was smiling as he saw those he loved all together in his memory.