Food Review! – Papa John’s Chicken Poppers & Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s the start to a nice long weekend for me and I took a half day at work so hubby and I decided we’d have some pizza.  We’ve been craving some Papa John’s and wanted to try a couple of their new menu items.  One was great and one not so good.

We had our usual favorites, pizza on their regular crust and garlic Parmesan breadsticks.  I like pepperoni on my pizza and hubby had a bunch of stuff on his side of the pizza.  We really like how you can custom order your pizza on their website.  It’s easy to select what part of the pizza gets which toppings.  We have different tastes so we can both get what we like on the same pizza.  The pizza and breadsticks were tasty as expected.

We tried out the chicken poppers for the first time tonight.  They website shows the chicken looking plump and appearing to be a good size.  The 10 piece was $5.00 and we were going to split this to give them a try.  The problem is that they do not resemble their website image.  The chicken we received was tiny.  The box (which was small) seemed a bit over sized for the product.  Check out the picture below and compare it to the one on their website.  You can see them compared to their sauce cups.  I could forgive the size if the chicken were very good because it could be a little appetizer for one person.  But the taste also leaves something to be desired.  They aren’t bad but they don’t offer anything really special.  The verdict is that they are definitely not work the cost.  Double the portion then I would think it a better value.



The redeeming item was the chocolate chip cookie.  Most delivery pizza restaurants have pretty lame desserts.  This one is the best I’ve had in a long time.  The cookie is a good size and cut like a pizza.  It comes in a box that is actually bigger than the one the chicken came in.  It was warm when it arrived and even when we finished our pizza and opened it to eat for dessert.  The cookie is crunchy and the chocolate was gooey.  There’s a ton of chocolate in there so you aren’t getting any bites without chocolate in it.  This was amazingly tasty.  My only regret is that I didn’t have any vanilla ice cream so I could put a scoop on top of it.  That would have been oh so yummy!  The verdict on the cookie is definitely try it!  At $5.00 to add it on right now, you will be very pleased with this dessert that you can share.  For the two of us, we have about two-thirds of it left which may last a couple of days.