NaNoWriMo Day 1

November 1 finally arrived and I started writing this morning.  I had a lofty goal for myself to write for hours and hours today but that isn’t exactly what happened.  Wednesday night I started having signs of a cold and today it has blown up into all the nastiness that nasal congestion and runny eyes can bring.  So, totally miserable, I slept little last night.

Still, I managed to clear my vision long enough to write 1,713 words.  Hooray!  I’m slightly ahead of schedule and I’m sure I’ll do better over the coming days.  I’m lucky to have had this first week of November scheduled as vacation from work.  It’s as if I was fated to participate since I had the time scheduled off since the end of last year and only learned about NaNoWriMo seven days ago!

I addition to my little brainstorming session, I have a Pinterest board filled up with images as inspiration for the story.  I also did a little name research yesterday but have no other preparation.  I know that a lot of folks go from an outline but I’ve always found I write more if I make things up as I go along.  So, other than a few points along the way and a vague idea of where I want it to go, I prepared not at all.  I’m very pleased with my beginning and hope that the momentum continues to build.