Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you are all having a great Thanksgiving.  As we’re getting ready to go to my mother-in-law’s house, we’ve been watching the Chicago and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades.  The parades are wonderful.  It’s the commercial that are bothering me.  Oh, I know that we “pay” for our television programming by watching ads.  That’s fine.  What’s getting to me is the number of stores that are open or opening today.

Is it really necessary to go to Target or Toys’R Us today?  Black Friday leaking over into Thanksgiving is getting out of hand.  I’d love to see a return to how things were when I was a kid.  Nothing was open on a holiday like today.  Dad had to go fill the gas tank the day before.  Mom and Dad made sure we had all of the food and stuff for the holiday meal the weekend before the holiday.  There was no running out to stand in line for a deal on toys or anything else.  Employees of retail and fast food were able to be with their families.  Not anymore.

As a person with family who believes that businesses should respect their employees, I will not be stopping at any businesses today.  I stopped for gas yesterday.  I did the last of my shopping on Tuesday.  I believe that the retailers and business owners who force employees to work on a holiday like today are wrong.

I am asking for each and every one of you to refuse to patronize any business today.  It isn’t necessary.  If the stores do too little business, they will stop this trend of opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving.  Let’s return to a time were we respect the right of others to celebrate the holiday.

Thank you so much to the police, fire, and other safety and utility workers that are at your jobs today.  We take you for granted sometimes but I’m thinking of you today.

Thank you to the members of our armed forces who are working or stationed overseas.  It’s because of you that we have the freedom to celebrate this day.