Thank you all for your patience in my lack of blog posts while I participated in NaNoWriMo!   My novel for National Novel Writing Month has been sucking up all of my words but officially became a winner yesterday!  If you aren’t familiar with the program, definitely check it out.  They have an amazing Young Writers program also that brings writing tools into schools.  I’ve been having so much fun and I’ve met so many interesting and fun new people.  I’m a relatively shy person so it was such a relief to be welcomed so warmly by the Dekalb, IL region group.  I have a great appreciation for the Municipal Liasons for organizing the meetings each Sunday afternoon.  This is my first year participating but I’m confident I’ll do this again next year.  I’ve truly written more this month than I have in the last several years.  It feels amazing!  There’s still work to be done before the novel is finished but this month has been exhilarating!

Writing is my dream.  I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and write a sentence.  The stories have changed since then but the dream is still there.  I want to be a published writer and see my book on a shelf in a book store.  I want this to be my life, my living.  I know that’s a long shot but that’s what dreams are about.  Something you want so badly that you can taste it and it may be out of reach but you want it anyway.

So that brings me around to the title for this blog post.  I won’t apologize if this begins to sound preachy because this is close to my heart.  Ebooks and really good scanners have made it very easy to copy and share books and publications.  I know it’s tempting to make a copy of a book and share it with a friend.  It feels like a victimless crime when you share out the file for an Ebook.  But it isn’t.  When you read a book, you’re sharing in that writer’s vision, their dreams.  When you purchase a book, you are letting that writer know that you appreciate their hard work and the time they spent putting that work down and sharing it with you.  Whether the author is famous or indie, self published, or published a major publisher, the purchase of that book is a sale for that writer and many other people involved.  So, please, out of respect for the author and everyone who contributes to bringing their work to you, do not illegally distribute books electronically.

I understand being on a tight budget and not being able to afford all of the wonderful books you want to read.  I’m there too.  So, here are some ideas to help.

Physical Books:

  • Thrift stores: Stores like Goodwill and Savers have a lot of books secondhand and buying them helps the charity too.
  • Secondhand book stores: There are so many of these out there.  Just do an internet search using your favorite search engine.  Half Price Books is a great one that has more than just books.  Check them out.
  • Library sales: Libraries have sales of books and the sale benefits the library too.


  • Sales and Free Books:  Book sellers like (Kindle) and Barnes and Nobles (Nook) often put books on sale.  Authors can also put their book on sale or even offer it for free for a period of time.  If I see a book I really want and I can’t afford it right now, I add it to my wishlist (I have a Kindle) and I check that wishlist daily.  When a book I want goes down in price or if I have some extra money, I’ll snatch it up.
  • Libraries:  This is great!  Libraries can affiliate with online book borrowing!  Check with your local library for details.  Our local library uses OMNI Libraries.
  • You can loan many eBooks: Check with your specific eBook seller for information about loaning books.  Not all books can be loaned but many can.  It’s for a limited time but this is a great way to share your favorite eBook with a friend.

Of course, the best way to honor your favorite writer is to buy their book when you can.  But there are so many ways to honestly read their work that it’s never necessary to copy them illegally.  So, next time someone offers you a bootleg copy of a book, please think of the ways you can get it honestly and politely decline the illegal copy.  The writer will thank you.


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  1. Congratulation! So proud of you, keep at it. I would love to read your novel. I will be first in line to buy your first book!

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