What’s Happening Out There?

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by events in our world recently.  I know it’s not really new but, for some reason, I’m feeling like things are getting worse somehow.  The news everyday is so sad, frightening, or upsetting and the fact that it’s even in my Facebook feed sometimes makes me avoid that too.

Recently, we all heard in the news about the shooter in Canada that killed a soldier by shooting him in the back as he guarded a war memorial before continuing into Parliament to shoot more people.  This morning I saw a post on Facebook that drove  home that the soldier that was killed was a real person.  I mean, I already knew he was but seeing this made it somehow more real.  The post showed a photo of a wooden gate in the fence around his home and the heads of his dogs poking out underneath as they wait  for him to come home. There are flowers visible along the outside of the fence where people have left tributes.  Seeing those dogs made me think of my girls and how they greet me when I get home each day.  These trusting creatures will never see their beloved friend again and their sadness is a shadow of what his family must be feeling because they understand the truth of it.

I won’t go into details about all of the other horrifying stories I’ve seen just in my Facebook feed today.  Stories about abuse of children and animals as well as killings not to mention the  disease outbreaks.  It’s enough to really make a person depressed.

I know there isn’t a way to stop the bad things from happening and sticking my head in the sand won’t make them go away.  So I persist in reading these stories and seeing the headlines.  But not everything is bad.

I know there are good things happening out there.  I saw a photo posted by Tails Humane Society of their table at the local Pumpkin Festival where volunteers are selling things to raise money for the animal shelter.  They’ve also posted pictures of beautiful little puppies born to mother dogs that were brought to them.  There’s a story about a bus driver that stepped up and stopped a purse snatcher.

There have to be more stories of goodness out there.  But right now the bad ones are just much more numerous.  What happy or positive stories have you read or seen recently.  It could be anything as long as it’s positive.  I’d like to see a collection of really good things here.  Share your stories in the comments.

And, while you’re looking for those positive stories, don’t forget to tell someone that you love them and give them a hug.  Hugs are really good medicine.  Be good to each other.