One Fifth!

I just broke the 10k words mark!  Hooray!  That’s still a bit behind the goal of 11,666 by the end of today but I know I can get there.  I had hoped to get well ahead of goal this week since I have been on vacation but the lure of other fun things has taken me away from my novel a bit.

Yesterday was my 11-year wedding anniversary.  We decided to go out and see a movie which is something we don’t do as often as we would like.  We saw Big Hero 6.  The trailers looked so fun I just had to see this one and I don’t regret a minute of it.  The movie was so much fun!  I’m not at all familiar with the Marvel characters but Disney did a really good job of creating an engaging and fun story that left me wanting more of these characters as I left the theater.  One of my favorite things about this movie is that there are a pair of really great female characters and the whole group of them are techy geeks.  I love it!  If you’re debating whether to see it, I say go!  I you have kids to bring, go ahead and bring them but if not, just go yourself.  It was just my husband and I last night and we had a great time.