Day Nine and Vacation is Distracting!

I’m back to work and my normal schedule tomorrow.  Normally this would be troubling but I’m actually glad to be returning to my normal schedule.  Being on vacation was so distracting that, instead of getting ahead of my writing goals, I am actually behind a bit.  As of the writing of this, I am at 13,277 words and the goal by the end of today is 15,000 words to be on track.  But the write in is very motivational and I’m thankful for my region NaNo group. The folks here in Dekalb are amazing people and we have the best MLs (Municipal Liasons).  I’m hoping to get closer to goal by the end of today but there’s still the expectations of life such as grocery shopping, paying the bills, laundry, etc.  But I’m still feeling confident.  I really like my novel and I am determined that this one will be shared with others.

I have learned from looking at my blog statistics that my review of a certain book has been my most read post.  I know I’m pretty single minded currently but I will definitely continue to review books, restaurants, and other products.  I love feedback!  So please feel free to comment on my posts with your thoughts.

For those of you participating in NaNo this year, how is your noveling going?