Week Two!

So week two of National Novel Writing Month is nearly over and I am still behind in word count but I have confidence that I’ll be able to finish.  I admit that I haven’t been as motivated this year as I was last year but I still feel the need to finish as a winner.  I don’t like to accept not completing something I have pledged myself to doing especially with all of my supporters!  I can’t let them down.

Being back to work has helped me to establish my routine again but there are still a lot of distractions.  I’m a regular player of World of Warcraft and the new expansion launched on Thursday so the pull of the game has been there.

And my lovely niece is having her second birthday party tonight.  I can hardly miss that.  What kind of auntie would I be?  I wouldn’t want to miss it.  I missed too much of the formative years of my nephews and I don’t want to make that mistake again.  I can’t get that time back and it makes me sad sometimes.  I love them all and the boys are getting so grown up.  Having no children of my own, I am blessed to have such amazing young people in my life care of my dear sisters.  I thank God for bringing them into my life and I’m just sorry I haven’t been more a part of their lives.  There I go, wandering off on a topic I didn’t intend!  But it’s in my heart and the words have a mind of their own.

As for my novel, I am deep in chapter two and, looking at the number of chapters I have planned, the complete book will be quite a bit more than 50,000 words.  I’ll have to figure out an estimate so I have some idea of how long it will really be.  Then again, it will be as long as it needs to be.  The story has a life of its own and I won’t deny it anything that’s needed to tell it completely the way it should be told.