Writing Retreat!

This story starts with my wonderful maternal aunt.  She spotted a contest for a writing retreat and sent me the link on Facebook.  I entered with no expectations and visited their website.  It looked nice so I figured even if I didn’t win, it would be a nice place to stay.  Time moved forward with Christmas growing closer and work and holiday planning taking up a lot of time.  Then, Christmas day, I got the email.  “You’re a grand prize winner!” it said.  I was at my inlaws’ house when it appeared on my phone.  I could hardly contain myself from jumping up and down on the couch.  I kept the news mostly under wraps until today when I officially booked my dates with the retreat.  I couldn’t be more excited.

So the week of March 23 I will be making my first solo road trip and driving to When Words Count Retreat in Vermont.  This is going to be an exciting adventure.  I have some final plans to hash out but I’ve already mapped the route on Google Maps and checked out the website for Rochester, VT.  I’ll probably look up information about the area a hundred more times before the actual trip.  My first impressions of the retreat are very good.  I’m really looking forward to this.