On the Road to the Retreat

I arrived safely at the retreat this afternoon.  I am very glad that I have gone on this adventure.  I am pleased to say that I handled everything quite calmly with a bit of anxiety only when I arrived in the mountains here in Vermont and lost all cell phone signal and GPS besides.  Luckily, I knew this was going to happen and had the foresight to have printed maps with me as well.  I didn’t want to get lost after all!  I, like so many of us, rely heavily on my phone and the cellular service so it was interesting to have to rely on maps and my own powers of observation to follow the route.

I am quite enjoying the freedom of making all decisions for myself.  It’s quite novel to have no one to ask for an opinion about when and were to stop for things like rest breaks or food.  I can be quite indecisive so it’s good for me to have to do it.

It’s quite beautiful here even though winter still has the area firmly in its grip.  It is cold and windy but luckily it has not been snowing.  There is still quite a lot of snow on the ground especially on the mountain peaks.  I was fascinated as I drove through the western-most part of New York state and into Vermont and observed where water had run down over the sides of hills and cliffs and frozen in places as it fell leaving a very beautiful display.  The mountains are breathtaking.  I have never been anyplace like this.  The retreat is surrounded by mountains and I just have to look out either of the two windows in my room (the Emily Dickinson room) to see them.  The one thing I would note is that the road that leads directly to the retreat is a dirt road and is quite curvy and has some steep parts.  This is important because some cars might not handle it as well as others.  It’s supposed to rain this week and I hope that the road will not turn to mud.  Other than this one thing, the place is quite as expected and the staff are very welcoming.

Dinner is soon so I am ending here.  I may post again but I’m hoping to focus on actually working on my fiction writing mostly during this week so I might not post again until I return home.  We’ll see what happens!