Podcasts for Writers and More From the Retreat

Good morning!  It’s 6:16 here in Vermont and I’m really loving my experiences here at the retreat.  I’ve met some truly wonderful and interesting people and I am certain I have made new friends.  We’ve all connected on Facebook too!  I accomplished a fair amount of writing yesterday I have a goal of doing more today than I did yesterday.  Besides the time to write with less distraction, I have fellow writers who are as dedicated to the craft and to improving as I am.  Meal times and our nightly hash sessions are wonderful because we are all sharing our own back stories as well as talking about our work.  The hash sessions are instrumental in my progress because we share a part of our current work and then receive feedback and advice.  After just two nights, I already see my work improving.

While here, I have mentioned that I listen to several podcasts for writers and been asked to name them.  So I thought I would list them for you too.  I have tried other podcasts related to writing as well but these are the ones that have made the cut and stayed in my feed.  You can get these using your favorite podcast app.  I use Podcast Addict on my Android phone.

Dead Robots’ Society: Independent writers discussing the craft with a lot of banter.  They can be very irreverent and this one is not appropriate for the very young.  But, I find them informative and even take in their opinions on the book and publishing industry.  They have several different perspectives on things and I like to hear how people feel about these things and why so I can better make my own decisions.

Helping Writers Become Authors: These are very short podcasts but some of them have been very informative.  These are about the craft of writing itself.

Novel Marketing: This podcast is centered around marketing topics.  This is very interesting since I will most likely publish independently instead of traditionally.

Writing Excuses: This podcast is centered around the craft of writing and the podcasters are traditionally published authors including Brandon Sanderson.  They are very knowledgeable about the craft of writing and I have picked up a lot of tips and information from them.  Episodes are about 15 minutes long usually.

I have  lot of other podcasts in my feed as well.  Some of them are just informative or interesting but sometimes they hold inspiration.  As a writer I try to consume as much information as possible, not just about the craft of writing but also about topics that interest me, the world around me, and my chosen genre.  As writers we need to surround ourselves with the things that inspire us and help us to create.  Learning new things is such a big part of this for me.  For some great podcasts about various informative topics, I listen to several from How Stuff Works (The main site is also a great source for research.) and others like Ted Talks and A Way With Words, and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour.    To you, I would say, search for podcasts about topics and themes that interest you.  My app downloads my subscribed podcasts automatically so they are there for me on my commutes, while shopping, and doing other mundane tasks like laundry.

I hope you find this helpful!  What podcasts are in your feed?  I love hearing what others are listening too.  Share your thoughts in the comments.