Tools For Writers (or Anyone Really)

As a writer, I’m constantly collecting interesting things that could be used later.  This used to mean I’d have a ton of bookmarks in my browser which, even organized in folders, can be hard to sift through.  Even before that, it was things like newspaper clippings, notes on scraps of paper, and such stuffed into physical folders, drawers, shoe boxes, pretty much everywhere.  I’m always on the lookout for better ways to organize stuff and I’ve settled on a pretty satisfying pair of applications.

The first one is Evernote.  It’s a very easy to use application and software that helps to organize pretty much any kind of information you need to store. I started using it on my Android phone to inventory and catalog my collection of Barbie dolls.  Evernote made it easy because I could photograph each doll through the app, add notes, then save the new note to a notebook in the app.  I also keep notebooks for medical information like a list of medications, for travel plans, and so many other things.  But, as a writer, I like that I can capture images, websites, and jot down notes anywhere I am.  I also have the app on my tablet, the software on my desktop and laptop computers, and the website which can be accessed from any browser.  Because everything is synchronized to their cloud it’s accessible from all of those places and it’s easy to store research in a notebook for my current project. You can find all of the information at

The second app is one that works really well in conjunction with Evernote.  It’s called Pocket.  Pocket is an application that let’s you quickly store away web articles to read later.  This is great when someone mentions something to me and I want to study it further but later.  I’ll search for the information and find the site then “Share” it to my Pocket.  Later, it can be accessed through the Pocket application or website.  If the information is something I want to store away from later, it’s very easy to go to the original article to save to Evernote for easy reference later.  You can find information about Pocket at

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not affiliated with the developers of either application in any way.  They’re just two of the applications that I have found very helpful for collecting information for both my writing and for more mundane tasks.

What apps do you find most useful for your writing?  Is there one that you couldn’t live without on your phone or tablet?  Share it in the comments below!