Back to Work!

If anyone says that being a writer is easy, they aren’t a writer.  There are so many distractions to my writing that it’s sometimes very difficult to be disciplined enough to sit down to the business of it.  But, after very little progress, I’ve found a solution.

The solution that’s working for me is to block out my time over the weekend.  It’s how I get everything done at my job so it makes sense to apply that organization of time to the days that I’m not at my day job.

I’m using my Google Calendar since it’s always with me on my Android phone.  I figured out everything that needs to get done and set up a schedule of things including my writing time, lunch, and even a break for long spans of writing.  Each time block is set up with a 10 minute reminder so that I know what I have planned for myself.  If this sounds a bit structured, you’d be right.  But that’s what’s working for me.  I feel guilty if I’m late to start one of my scheduled activities.  It’s working pretty well and I’m sure I’ll get better at following my schedule the longer I do it.  Of course, there is time that has nothing scheduled so that I can play video games, take a nap, watch Netflix, or whatever strikes my fancy.  There has to be play time!

I’ve accomplished quite a bit this weekend.  I’m going back over the parts of my novel that I have already written.  Since I revised the opening so drastically during my retreat, I feel that the rest has to be changed to match the tone and style of it.  So, I’m going back over everything for a revision.  I’m also refining the chapter and scene breaks because I have learned quite a lot since I started writing the book in November of last year.  I’m very pleased with the first two chapters and I’m confident they will only need little tweaks.  It’s a good feeling to have a part of the book that is more or less finished from a craft perspective.  The plan is to work through the stuff that’s written so far and then start up again on new stuff.  I’m also staying alert to decide where to end it.  I’m fairly certain that I’ll be breaking this into at least two volumes so that it isn’t too long.  Maybe I’ll be ready to share part of it with you soon!

On another topic, my day job was generous to me in the form of gift certificates which I applied to  It’s fun having a gift card balance there so I can order stuff when I need or want it.  It was good timing too because we’re embarking on some new eating habits here.  We need to be able to store food and the old plastic containers (many of which were from Chinese takeout) were pretty old and damaged.  I caught this gem on sale, Rubbermaid 42-piece Easy Find Lid Storage Set.  It’s still $17.99 so this is a really good buy since it comes out to slightly less than $0.86 per container with lid.  That’s a steal compared to what they cost off the shelf in a store.  The dogs got their Nylabones which keeps them from eating the furniture.  I have a very powerful chewer and this is the only toy that lasts more than a day for her.  It has to be the Original flavor though because the flavored ones actually aren’t as strong.  And for myself, I ordered an adult coloring book by Selina Fenech.  It may surprise you that coloring is very calming.  It’s nice to get out the crayons and just sit down to fill in the images.  I can’t really explain it but I love it.  My coloring book hasn’t arrived yet (I always use the Super Saver shipping) but I can’t wait!  I’ll let you know what I think once I get it.  And I still have some gift card balance left!

I’m getting ready to head out to have brunch with my family.  I haven’t seen my mom and sisters in a while so it’ll be nice to visit with them and the kids.  They grow so fast.  I’ll keep you up to date on my progress and there may be more changes to my website later this year as I convert it to a more serious author site.  I am so determined to make writing my true future.  It’s what I want to do.  And it’s never too late to pursue what makes you happy.

Until later!