Focus Focus

The first rule to being a writer is that you must write.  This is common sense since it is what makes us writers but what about all of the distractions?  I’m very distracted today but I managed to get some work done on the novel.  It wasn’t as much as I would have liked but it’s progress.

So far everyone who has read Chapter 1 has given me good feedback so I’m thrilled with that!  The best compliment came from my very good friend who said she wanted to keep reading. That’s great encouragement to keep going.

I picked up the most recent writing themed Storybundle.  I managed to pick it up just at the tail end before it went away.  I just can’t decide which book to start with!  I still haven’t read the books from their previous writing bundle.  I’m embarrassed about how little I’ve read lately.  I’m going to go try to get into one of those books just as soon as I finish writing this post.  I’ll definitely review each book as I go.

Speaking of books, Kindle has been a great way to get them.  I’m even thinking of self-publishing my first novel exclusively with Amazon for a while.  I’ve done a bit of research and learned they have the highest sales for indie authors.  In case you’re looking for a Kindle yourself, I found a couple of great discount offers you can get through the special links below.

Feel free to share my post with friends and family so they can take advantage of the discounts also.  I do so much of my shopping on Amazon, I’m always looking for sales and discounts!  So I wanted to share this one with you.

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Shop Amazon – $40 Off Fire HD 7“>