My Cluttered Life

It’s no secret to my close friends and family that my home is very cluttered.  To a stranger, it might seem we have just moved in.  The truth is that we’ve been in this house almost eight years.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my house but I’m the sort of person who isn’t happy unless everything is in its place.  So it’s easy to explain why I’m unhappy.

My amazing friend, who knows me best, told me frankly this weekend that I have to just do something about it. I have to make this house the way I want it, for myself.

So that’s what I hope to do.  I’m resolved to take action and I’m voicing that decision to keep myself honest.  Each weekend one room will be tackled until it is done.  Two rooms, the bedroom and the living room might take a total of two weekends each since they’re larger but I can tackle them in halves.

Wish me luck!