Deals for December 18, 2015

Happy Star Wars day! A sincere congratulations to anyone lucky enough to have seen The Force Awakens already. For myself, I don’t think I’ll be seeing it this weekend because I’m not keen on crowds but I’ve promised hubby (and I want to do it too) that we’ll see it on the IMAX while it’s in the theater. I am wearing a Captain Phasma Funko shirt today from the Smuggler’s Bounty crate in celebration of the release though.

With all of the excitement of Star Wars, I am bringing you Star Wars deals! I did some searching around this morning to find these fun deals for you.

One of the cutest things they’ve done with the franchise is these kids’ books about Darth Vader. Today on Kindle “Darth Vader and Son” is just $4.99. The hardcover version is also available for $8.49. But I know there are a lot of kids using tablets these days so it’s nice to find good childrens’ books in an ebook format.

Along the same lines, we have the graphic novel, “Star Wars: Jedi Academy” which is just $2.99 for Kindle and ComiXology. I’m pretty excited to see that Amazon has ComiXology listed as an option because I use the app on both my phone and tablet for comics. It makes reading comics easier and more enjoyable for me as a comic book newbie. This one is also available in hardcover for $7.39 and paperback from $0.01!

Also for ComiXology, you can get the “Star Wars Movie Sampler” for free. This is a sampler of the 2015 comics. I picked up Princess Leia #1 on ComiXology myself and I really enjoyed it. I recommend checking this one out.

Finally, I have a couple of silly things to share. First, a deal on Star Wars bike helmets and accessories for kids. For the kids who love Star Wars, maybe you can get them to wear this protective gear more easily. And for the grown-ups who like to dress up every day, I found a Jedi Dressing Gown bath robe. This is just too funny to keep to myself. I would totally wear this.

Have a fantastic Friday and I hope that everyone who wants to, gets to catch the movie soon!