Book Review: Veil of Shadows by Terry Mixon

Happy Saturday! I hope this day finds you well and brings you joy. I’m continuing my book review series with the second novel in the Empire of Bones series by Terry Mixon. Last week I reviewed the first book. If you’re a science fiction fan, this series is a great choice for some fun reading at a fantastic price. And, if you’re a independent writer yourself, don’t forget to check out the author on the Dead Robots Society Podcast.

Veil of Shadows (Book Two of the Empire of Bones Saga)

By Terry Mixon

Genre: Science Fiction

Veil of Shadows picks up with Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey Bandar shortly after the first book left off. They did have a victory but they’re dealing with some pretty major consequences to decisions they each made. Kelsey’s impulsiveness has her in a situation she never would have imagined. With new allies and friends, they strive to learn more about the civilization that came before them while dealing with internal strife on the planet of Pentagar.

Terry Mixon has continued the series with his easy-going style that lets you get right into the action with just enough description to let you imagine the scene as you ride along with the characters. I was thrilled to be able to jump right back into the middle of everything with the characters right from the start. Sometimes a sequel has too much of a jump in time from the end of the previous book but this one was just right. I was satisfied that I didn’t feel like I had missed anything.

If you’ve read the first novel, Empire of Bones, I strongly recommend picking up Veil of Shadows. You won’t be disappointed.



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