Book Review: Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures Book 1)

Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures Book 1)

By Robert Bevan

Genre: Fantasy; Humor

This book turned up in the countdown deals on Amazon one day and I bought it on a whim largely due to the giant d20 on the cover. I mean, I’m a gamer, how could I ignore the pull of that d20 with the 1 facing up at me? If you’ve ever played a tabletop RPG with a bunch of friends or strangers you will appreciate this book. I laughed out loud so many times that I’m sure my coworkers thought I must be losing my mind.

There are these four guys, Tim, Dave, Cooper, and Julian sitting down to play a game of Caverns and Creatures in the lobby of the restaurant that Tim apparently runs. They’ve invited this game master to come run the game for them but they haven’t met this guy before. He’s so over-the-top that Cooper can’t resist heckling him. But you should never anger your GM and the guys find this out the hard way.

Suddenly they’re inside the game, really living it. It’s dangerous and painful and hilarious. Julian is new to the game so he doesn’t know any of the rules and that creates some scenarios you can relate to if you’ve ever played with a brand new player. Issues come up because of the way Cooper assigned his ability scores.

This book is intended for an adult audience. I wouldn’t give it to a kid to read unless you’ve read it first and find it appropriate for that specific young person. Older teens shouldn’t have a problem with the book though.

If you’re an old school tabletop RPG player, this book is for you. Grab a copy and dive in. I recently bought the collection which includes books 1-4. I enjoyed it enough to want the whole bunch. You can save money by buying them that way so I would recommend it.