Writers’ Resources Saturday June 25

It’s Saturday! Hooray! Great job to everyone who made it to a day off. If you’re working today, have a little smile and let people wonder what you’re smiling at. 🙂

For my part, I’m preparing to go to my nephew’s birthday/high school graduation party. He turns 18 on Tuesday. He’s an amazing young man and I’m so happy to be a part of his life as his auntie even if I don’t see him often. Still trying to get my house in order so he can spend a weekend with us. There’s so much clutter!

For you, I have more free Kindle books to help spark the writerly part of you. Don’t forget to leave a review for the books if you read them! It’s easy to do. You don’t even have to say a lot. But, if you have a few minutes, write what you liked about it or what didn’t work for you. But be kind. Always be kind. One day someone will review your book too!


Don’t forget to check the price before you click buy!