Writers’ Resources Wednesday June 29

I have something a bit different for you today. I didn’t find any good freebies for Kindle but I don’t want to leave you with no post. So I have a couple of things to go with the theme of yesterday’s books about marketing.

First, the Novel Marketing Podcast. The hosts, Thomas Umstattd and James L. Rubart, provide information about marketing for independent novelists. They also weave in advice for non-fiction writers sometimes and some of the information applies to both. I find them to be pretty engaging as well as informative. They do take long breaks sometimes but they’re worth waiting for and you can listen to previous episodes from the archive on the website http://www.novelmarketing.com/.

One of my favorite recent episodes was about writing an author bio. You can find it here. It led me to update my bio here on my blog as well as on other pages where I want to present myself as a professional writer. The information all seemed so obvious after I listened to them but I discovered my bios were pretty bad before now! Give it a listen.

There are additional tools and resources available on http://www.authormedia.com/. The main offering is the WordPress plugin called My Book Table. It’s a tool that helps you to sell books right through your own site or blog. Going along with this tool, I highly recommend the four part series of episodes from the podcast about becoming a career writer. It starts with episode 75.