Special! Don’t Miss It! Friday June 30

Empire of Bones, by Terry Mixon is free! But only for a couple more days. So don’t miss it. You can check out my full review of the book here. I’ve also included the blurb from Amazon below.


The Terran Empire is dead. Long live the Empire!

Commander Jared Mertz, the bastard son of the emperor, and his half-sister, Princess Kelsey, barely speak to one another. To their dismay, their father seizes an opportunity to change that and sends them on a dangerous quest to explore the fallen Empire.

Separated from home by an impassable gulf and struggling to redefine their relationship, they find themselves thrust into a vicious war. Unless they work together to stop the Empire’s deadly legacy, billions face a horrific fate.

If you don’t already have this one in your collection, don’t miss it now while it’s free. The fifth book, Paying the Price, has just been released as well. So if you love Empire of Bones you can keep reading for a while. These books are also available as audio books through Audible if that’s more your style. In any case, click the link or the cover above and get your copy of Empire of Bones. Don’t forget to check the price before you click buy because this is for a limited time but even if it’s no longer free, Terry’s prices are still very reasonable. Get reading!