What’s Happening With Oriana’s Search

There are these periods where life becomes just too exciting. Blood pressure rises, sleep is lost, the quest for chocolate and slaying monsters made of pixels become necessary crutches. I find during these times that I can’t focus on my writing. It’s difficult to keep my mind in the world of my characters and their problems because my problems are looming so large. Getting behind like that hurts the project and my confidence in being able to finish it. But then I get a warm fuzzy post or verbal support from my dear friends and family and I know that I have to keep going. It isn’t just for me. It’s for them because they believe in me. Their belief in me is the lift I need to keep going.

I’ve just shared the draft of Chapter 8 for Patreon supporters and I’m working Chapter 11. The manuscript now has a word count of 27,332. Events are starting to build in the story and I’m really enjoying it again. The middle part can be hard sometimes.

I’m also thinking about reworking the support levels and rewards on Patreon. I’ve been studying what other writers are offering and plan to get some more ideas and model mine similar to what I’m seeing. If you have ideas or feedback, I welcome it. You can comment here or you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/writermichellekitz as well as at https://www.patreon.com/michelle_kitz.

And I’ll be checking regularly for good resources to share with you here. Thank you for reading! May your days be peaceful.

Oriana's Search Cover sm