Book Review: Ghosts of Empire by Terry Mixon

I apologize for the continuing lack of posts. My searches for good offerings of freebies has been coming up lacking. But I have a review for you today. If you’re looking for something to read, give this one a look. Or check out the reviews of the first three novels in the series.

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Ghosts of Empire (Book Four of the Empire of Bones Saga)

By Terry Mixon

Genre: Science Fiction

Ghosts of Empire continues the adventures and challenges faced by Princess Kelsey Bandar and her brother Jared Mertz. In the fourth volume of the saga, the heroes are dealing with politics in a way they haven’t had to before. With some of their people in the hands of a government still under the heel of the AIs, they have to negotiate for their safe release while unraveling the mysterious surround this planet that was ravaged by the AI overlords.

If you’ve read my reviews of the first three novels, then you may have figured out that I’m a Terry Mixon fan. From the first novel in the series, I felt like Princess Kelsey was written for me. She’s the strong female lead that I’ve been wishing for and Mr. Mixon didn’t disappoint in this volume. There’s no lack of new characters or excitement. The action kept me reading until the very last page and left me yearning for book five. It’s out there just waiting for me and is definitely on my must read list.


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