What Next?

A lot of us are waking up a bit stunned this morning. The final results of our election here in the U.S. are… baffling. But I’m not going to talk about that. Not exactly. (This will be my only post about the election.)

As I read through some of the social media posts this morning, I had many things go through my mind. One that was echoed by some is the thought that perhaps I could sleep through the next four years. But another post I saw was more resonating. Let me give you an image to think about.

Imagine that you’re out walking with someone you care about. Suddenly, someone steps out in front of them and threatens them. Do you close your eyes and stand aside? Of course not. You stand at their side and defend them to this stranger. Why? Because you love them.

What happens next is up to all of us. We can put our heads in the sand or we can run away. Or we can continue to stand for our beliefs and values. I don’t care which political party you consider yourself part of. What I do care about is that you are a human person. We are all human people and we should care about what happens to each other. There is uncertainty ahead but we are known for coming together as a people to rise above challenges. We’ll make it through by standing together.