Happy New Year!

Like so many others, 2016 has felt like a very difficult year. That feeling fades away with the start of the new year. Though it might be a construction, January 1 really felt like a new start. At the very least, it’s a marker for setting aside the past and moving forward.

As the first Friday of the new year, this is the beginning of the first full weekend. I’m personally taking advantage of it by getting myself up and out of the house. I’m writing this from a booth at the library. I’ve just finished work on a short story for a friend’s new venture. If you’re a D&D gamer, you should definitely check it out. You can find it on Facebook too.

I’ve picked up bullet journaling this year too. The posts kept popping up on Pinterest and I couldn’t ignore them anymore. The start of the year seemed a good time to give it a try. Add to that, my sister gave me a beautiful journal for Christmas. It seemed fated so I shall journal! (If you aren’t familiar with it, do a search and you’ll find so many posts about it.)

And there’s Oriana. I’m aiming to finish the book asap so I can start an edit and get a cover designed. The only thing holding me back is me. I keep wondering if it’s really good enough. Will anyone want to read it? Will people hate it? I know I’m not the first writer to feel this way. Push on! I must finish and publish. I  must!