The Photos

I just wanted to post a quick note about the photos that are now decorating my site. I’m using photos that my husband and I took while traveling. The header is a photo from the trail in Tallulah Gorge, GA. The photo for the “Outside Works” page is from western South Dakota. I think it was taken in the Black Hills on the drive from the Crazy Horse memorial to Mount Rushmore. It’s beautiful there. There’s one placeholder clip art image but I plan to replace that one eventually with a photo too. We love traveling by car because we get to see so many interesting things and beautiful places. When we travel, we also take Darth

Darth Vader in the cubicle jungle

Vader with us and he loves to star in a few fun photos as well. In addition to my writing, I’m happy to share a few of these images with you. I hope you enjoy!

Tallulah Gorge, GA
Black Hills, SD