Book Review: Caverns & Creatures Vol I by Robert Bevan


Caverns & Creatures: Volume I

By: Robert Bevan


What if a group of table top role players found themselves physically dropped into the game world in the bodies of their characters? Well, the group of guys playing Caverns & Creatures get the answer to that question. When they anger the Cavern Master, they’re sent physically into the game. They have the bodies, skills, and attributes of their characters. And hilarity ensues.

As a long-time player of Dungeons & Dragons, this series has had me laughing out loud many times. I previously reviewed Critical Failures I but later picked up this collection as a Countdown Deal from Amazon. I’m glad that I did. The story takes turns I did not expect. The players turned characters reminded me often of the goofy stuff that happens around our gaming table. Of course, these guys take it to a new level of crazy but that’s what makes it fun.

The characters continue to develop throughout the books and the stakes get higher. I was drawn to keep reading to find out what bizarre situation they would get into next.

This is a book for adults. Most of the main characters are young men and there are quite a few adult situations as well as violence. The jokes are crass and not at all for young readers. If you are thinking about allowing a younger person to read this, I would strongly recommend you read it first and decide if it is appropriate because every kid is individual in what they are ready for. For myself, the crass jokes are nothing shocking since I’m accustomed to gaming in the company of guys. It happens. So, if you’re an adult gamer, jump right in.