Book Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher


The Princess Diarist

Carrie Fisher

Genre: Memoir


Starting this review is difficult. I had so many feelings as I read this book. It’s so deeply personal. Here is Carrie in 1976 filming Star Wars at 19 years old as well as what led to her taking the role of Princess Leia. We also meet Carrie of 2016. She’s older and has experienced more but, at her heart, I think she feels the same at her core.

We learn about what happened between her and Harrison Ford. There is even a section of journal entries that she wrote during the filming of Star Wars. She included poems that reminded me of what it’s like to be so young and angsty.

This book is Carrie’s voice. By the end, I felt like I had met her and sad because I never had the pleasure. The fact that she is gone now adds a certain layer to all if it.

There are photos scattered throughout that add to the feelings. This book, as a whole, felt like a window into the mind and life of our Princess General. I’ll never see her the dam way nuts it’s good. I’m glad I read her book and I’m likely to read her other works as well. Even if I do cry at the end.