Loose Dog? Don’t chase! Stop, Drop and Lie Down

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StopDropLieDown Have you ever had a dog escape your arms or car or home? What is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people, you chase after them. They run and then you run. It seems almost instinctual, doesn’t it?

I’ve come to believe that it REALLY IS INSTINCT that takes over when we chase after our loose dog(s). It’s not just something we do when our own pets get loose, but something we do when a friend’s dog gets out of the house or when we see a stray dog running down the street or the highway. There is even a recent video showing police officers chasing after a dog on a highway in California. They never even had a chance of catching him. It was a losing proposition.

The problem with our first instinct (to chase) is that it rarely gets us closer to getting them. In fact, the…

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As I Awaken to the Sound of Birds

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.  Mine started  yesterday with a day filled with nothing of great importance.  After my four ten hour days of talking to customers I decided to just relax with some reading and video games. Some time earlier this week some new baby birds … Continue reading As I Awaken to the Sound of Birds