Free Cookbooks!

I have a really short post but this was worth sharing right away.  It's no secret that I love free stuff and I love my Kindle.  I found a bunch of free cookbooks for Kindle today all by Nancy N. Wilson.  I'm not at all familiar with these but they have high reviews. Click here to … Continue reading Free Cookbooks!


Food Review! – Papa John’s Chicken Poppers & Chocolate Chip Cookie

It's the start to a nice long weekend for me and I took a half day at work so hubby and I decided we'd have some pizza.  We've been craving some Papa John's and wanted to try a couple of their new menu items.  One was great and one not so good. We had our … Continue reading Food Review! – Papa John’s Chicken Poppers & Chocolate Chip Cookie

Four Decades & a Lich King

My four day weekend started today (the second one in a row).  In addition to my usual Friday, Saturday, Sunday off I took Monday as a vacation day.  It's somewhat of a tradition for me to schedule my birthday off even if it falls in the middle of a week.  That's right, it's my birthday … Continue reading Four Decades & a Lich King

As I Awaken to the Sound of Birds

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.  Mine started  yesterday with a day filled with nothing of great importance.  After my four ten hour days of talking to customers I decided to just relax with some reading and video games. Some time earlier this week some new baby birds … Continue reading As I Awaken to the Sound of Birds

What a Weekend!

I apologize for the tardiness of my post.  I intended to post yesterday, as usual, however events distracted me.  Since Friday was the start of my time off, we had decided to catch Iron Man 3 at the drive-in movie theater.  We're lucky to have a great drive-in theater and I've waited all winter for … Continue reading What a Weekend!

A Rambling Saturday Post

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon her and I'm so pleased with how I've spent the day so far.  Although our weekly Dungeons & Dragons game has been canceled, there is much to be happy for.  My sisters all came out to visit my mom and I got to visit with them as well as my … Continue reading A Rambling Saturday Post

Taxes, Tuna, and Time

Good morning!  I hope everyone is well this morning.  It's a cold April morning and I just turned up the heat to 60 degrees.  We're trying to keep the gas bill down now that spring has arrived but the threat of snow flurries is making that difficult!  I'm trying out a more organized format for … Continue reading Taxes, Tuna, and Time