What Next?

A lot of us are waking up a bit stunned this morning. The final results of our election here in the U.S. are... baffling. But I'm not going to talk about that. Not exactly. (This will be my only post about the election.) As I read through some of the social media posts this morning, … Continue reading What Next?


Ding! Level 43!

It strikes me that celebrating your birthday is a strange thing to do. After all, I didn’t have anything to do with my own birth aside from managing to survive it. But I think the birthday could be something truly significant. So I’ve been reflecting on what the day really means to me. I’ve already … Continue reading Ding! Level 43!

What’s Happening Out There?

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by events in our world recently.  I know it's not really new but, for some reason, I'm feeling like things are getting worse somehow.  The news everyday is so sad, frightening, or upsetting and the fact that it's even in my Facebook feed sometimes makes me avoid that too. Recently, … Continue reading What’s Happening Out There?